Partial Collapse: 223 Kent Avenue

223 Kent Avenue
Collapse was at the far left in photo
Photo: Property Shark

As reported on Curbed, there was a partial wall collapse at 223 Kent Avenue (48 North 1st Street) this afternoon. I went by after work, and it was a pretty amazing sight.

As Curbed alluded to, the new building under construction next door was pouring concrete for a side wall. This side wall was supposed to abut against 48 North 1st, but when the concrete started pouring, the end wall of the old building did not hold. As a result, the end wall at the third floor collapsed, dumping all of the concrete into the building. Most important, no one was hurt (and there were people in the building when this happened). By the time I got there (around 7:00), DOB had things remarkably under control. I could see shoring being installed inside the building, and DOB’s forensic engineer was running the stabilization effort. It is possible that wall itself will be fixed by this time tomorrow, although how soon the residents will be able to move back in is not clear.

2 responses to “Partial Collapse: 223 Kent Avenue”

  1. I’m a little disappointed that you didn’t provide a picture of the collapse. Guess I will have to take a look for myself.

  2. The concrete blew a hole in the side wall of the building about 15′ wide by 10′ tall, but there is surprisingly little to see from the outside. If you look in the windows, you will see a lot of shoring that was installed under DOB supervision, but I don’t think you can see any collapse from the street.