Rally to Save Community Board Budgets

CB Budget Rally Flyer.jpg

There is a rally at City Hall tomorrow to protest the proposed $35,000 budget cut proposed for each of the City’s 59 community boards. The cuts are small in dollar term – $2 million in the overall city budget. But given that each board operates on less than $200,000 per year, which has to cover all salaries and office expenses, these cuts do real damage – after years of smaller nicks, most boards are now facing personnel cuts in order to meet these latest cuts.

If I didn’t know better, I’d think the administration was trying to starve the beast.

All five Borough Presidents and all 59 community boards will rally tomorrow at 11:00am at City Hall to urge the City Council to fully restore CB funding for the coming fiscal year. If you are in a particularly Brooklyn mood, meet at Brooklyn Borough Hall at 10am for a march across the Brooklyn Bridge to City Hall for the 11am rally.