Steve Levin Carpetbagger?


No one seems to know who is behind Real Reform Brooklyn. But it’s pretty clear that he/she/they do not like Steve Levin. (Or Jo Anne Simon for that matter, but he/she/they definitely does not like Levin more more than he/she/they doesn’t like Simon.)

Its nice to see someone engage on a local race like this, but it seems to me that there is much ado about nothing in a lot of Real Reform’s attacks on the various candidates (including their “deconstruction” of Evan Thies). Take, for instance, the Levin carpetbagging claim. I don’t doubt that Steve moved into the 33rd District in order to run for Councilmember* – candidates do that all the time.

So what?

It would make a difference if Steve had no track record of community involvement, but that’s not true. He has worked in the community for many years, and has made a name for himself. Yes, Steve is Vito Lopez’s candidate. He might be his “own man” once he gets into office, but for now, he is running on his resume as Vito’s Chief of Staff (and he has built up a nice resume there). You might not like him because of his connections to Vito, but it’s a big stretch to call him an outsider.

Keep it real – focus on real issues.

*(Claims by Levin supporters commenters that he only moved “down the street” are just plain silly – 26 blocks is not “down the street”.)