Some other races of note:

In the 35th, Letitia James wins in a walk – 81% – as I thought.

In the 45th, Kendall Stewart is out, Jumaane Williams is in.

In the 1st, Margaret Chin upends Alan Gerson by 10 points.

In the 3rd, Chris Quinn is struggling to break 50% with 82% counted. Interesting.

In the 14th, Maria Baez is out, which should give her more time not to show up.

Overall, half of the council races will be won by candidates who got less than 50% of the vote. Tish James and Rosie Mendez win in the biggest landslides (each over 81%). Two council races will be won with only about 25% of the popular vote.

In the race for Comptroller, Liu is still not cracking 40% – 38% with 99% of votes counted. Yassky is just over 30%.

In the race for Public Advocate, its definitely a runoff – de Blasio has 33%, Green has 31%.