Brooklyn Fishing Derby

The first annual Brooklyn Fishing Derby is a derby unlike any other (well, it’s sorta like other fishing competitions but this one’s in Brooklyn!). Whether you’re an experienced angler or don’t know which end of a fishing rod to hold all are welcome to some friendly competition, great parties with other Brooklyn anglers, and a chance to win some sweet prizes.

Mark your calendars and get out the fishing gear – tomorrow kicks off the first annual Brooklyn Fishing Derby. The Derby rund through the end of the month and covers the north Brooklyn waterfront, from the Gowanus Canal (Red Hook) to Newtown Creek (Long Island City – apparently that counts as Brooklyn now). There are even cash prizes and opening and closing parties at the Brooklyn Rod and Gun Club (wherever that is). (As far as I can tell, there is no requirement that you eat what you catch.)

Many more details at Brooklyn Chowder Surfer.

I’ll put my money on Key Lime Steve to take home a prize.

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  1. I heard he was the prize.