Fuckin’ Delia

A Place To Be In Harmony from russel fong on Vimeo.

This would be appear the moment for Anthony Delia. First he gets his own karaoke (er, car-a-oke) night at The Woods (Tuesday nights, 10pm to 2am), and now he is immortalized on Vimeo.

His advice to new Williamsburgers? Take care of the neighborhood – “Brooklyn was always a different part of the United States from anywhere else.” Indeed.

One response to “Fuckin’ Delia”

  1. Glad to know he has a real name, and that it is not my guess of Subaru Sal. I have a love/hate thing with him. He is clearly pretty adorable though , pitch withstanding. I would love to know how much gas he burns a week, as dude gets around. Nice to meet you Anthony!