Karl Fischer Row Revisited

Indeed, if Williamsburg is now defined by condo corpses on the one hand and early sales success stories on the other, Karl Fischer Row falls somewhere in the middle: a monument to grandiose condo dreams that didn’t quite gel with market reality, particularly after last September, when sales came to a standstill.

The Real Deal goes back to Bayard Street so you don’t have to. They report that the Aurora (30 Bayard, the center building) has sold out its 51 units. Next door, the Ikon (50 Bayard, the northernmost (and best looking) building) has sold over 85% of its 48 units. Last to market was 20 Bayard (the tall, aesthetically-challenged one) only sold 25 of its 62 units before calling it quits and going rental. Maybe they buyers couldn’t figure out how to get in to the building. Or maybe they didn’t understand the advertising campaign either.