10 Best Williamsburg Restaurants

Voice food critic Bob Sietsema has his list of the 10 best restaurants in Williamsburg, which include:

10. Baci & Abbracci
9. Qoo Robata Bar
8. Fette Sau
7. Egg
6. DuMont Burger
5. Marlow & Sons
4. Motorino
3. Frost
2. Oasis
1. Peter Luger

He also has a long list of runners up: newcomer Döner; La Superior; El Almacen; Saltie (another newcomer); Fanny; Dressler; Cono & Sons; DuMont; Diner; Gottlieb Restaurant; Bamonte’s; Radegast Beer Hall; Raymond’s Place; Taco Santana; Juliette.

A good list overall, but plenty to quibble with. Missing entirely are Aurora (which is far and away the best new Italian restaurant in the neighborhood), Zenkichi and Bozu (all of which were flagged by readers). On the other hand, the inclusion of Oasis and Frost is right on (though I might have switched Bamonte’s and Frost, just for the atmosphere of the former).