Huge Bust at Hipster Drug Den

Never let it be said that the Brooklyn Paper lets facts get in the way of a good headline.

As you may have heard, three people were arrested at an apartment on North 7th Street for possession of 28 kilos of cocaine (presumably not for personal consumption). For the media, this of course becomes an opportunity to use the word “hipster” in a sentence, even if the suspects are all in their forties and early fifties and include the super of the building where the drugs were found – not exactly the hipster demographic. (And yes, this is the “former site of the Laila Lounge”, but isn’t it also the current site of DBA’s Williamsburg outpost??)

The Brooklyn Paper does get a quote from one of the suspect’s lawyers, who claims that her client, Christine Ladeveze, 48, “had absolutely nothing to do with those charges” and was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. What the lawyer probably meant was that Ladeveze was dating the wrong guy – building super Johanny Olmedo, 51 – at the wrong time (the wrong time in this case being “for months”).

More from the Daily News here, sans irony.