80 Metropolitan Approaching 50%

80 Metropolitan is approaching the 50% mark for sales (roughly 51 of 114 units), another good indication that there is still a market for condos in Williamsburg. According to StreetEasy, the recorded sales (only 9 to date) are in the high $700/sf range, and the available listings are in the low $800/sf range. That represents a fair premium over developments like NV, which is selling in the low $700/sf range – I like to think that is a reflection of the better design of 80 Met1, but I’m sure it’s more about amenities or other tangibles.

1. While it is a nicely-designed project, that still does not make up for the loss of the Old Dutch Mustard factory. And despite what Douglas Steiner says, nothing about this design reflects “the fabric and history of Williamsburg”, unless by fabric and history we are talking post-2005.