Williamsburg Trumps Other Nabes in Condo Sales

You can take a few things away from this report, depending on whether your glass is half full or half empty.

Half full: Williamsburg has seen 269 condo closings for the calendar year to date (through November, I believe). That is more than the next three neighborhoods (Park Slope, Greenpoint and Prospect Heights) combined.

Half empty: Williamsburg still has 348 condo listings. And I would bet that that number dramatically undercounts the actual inventory.

Half full: The average asking price for those 348 listing is $757 per square foot, higher than every neighborhood except Fort Greene and Brooklyn Heights.

Half empty: The condos that have sold so far this year have averaged $548 per square foot, lower than every other neighborhood in the survey (including Greenpoint).

Half full: The report lists 235 signed contracts for Williamsburg condos (more than twice any of the other neighborhoods surveyed).

Still half full: The average listing price for condos with signed contracts is $736 per square foot, higher than in any other neighborhood except Brooklyn Heights.

Make of it what you will.