Gowanus Lounge is Back (in Little Italy)

My RSS and Twitter feeds are suddenly alive with new posts from Gowanus Lounge. If you go to the site, you’ll see that it has a new design and all new content. (If that picture of Little Italy at the top of the page seems a bit familiar (and yet a little unBrooklyn), you may be remembering this post.)

It turns out that the domain name has been sold by Bob Guskind’s widow, and there is a new proprietor at the lounge. And while the content of the new Gowanus Lounge is certainly not what we all came to expect from Bob’s posts, happily, that historic content is being preserved at a new website (bobguskind.com). It’s the old familiar place, with all the old familiar posts. And that is nice to see.

Heather (who, with her husband, set up the bobguskind.com site) has more details.