The Census

According to Gothamist, Brooklyn has the lowest response rate for filling out Census forms, and Williamsburg is dead-ass last in the borough.

This is not good.

You’ve heard it all before, but the census is used to determine all sorts of things for the next 10 years. If Williamsburg’s response rate remains low, Williamsburg will be screwed in terms of city, state and federal in the coming decade. The census will also determine what our electoral boundaries are when redistricting comes along – everything from our council districts on up to congressional representation.

If you haven’t received a census form (loft dwellers, I’m looking at you), you can pick one up at any number of places right in your neighborhood (Metropolitan Pool and Los Sures to name just two). (Click on the Find Questionnaire Assistance Center here to find more.) If you are worried that the city will find out about your loft, don’t be – the census doesn’t share that information.