349 Metropolitan Continues to Suck

349 Metropolitan: When Dreams Were Big

One of my favorite condo-glut whipping boys is back. As Curbed posted today, 349 Metropolitan Avenue is getting a facelift – losing it’s Jerusalem Gold Stone in favor of Pennsylvania Beige Brick (OK, I made up the Pennsylvania part). The stone was a disaster from the get go, probably because (a) it is more appropriate to arid climates like Jerusalem, and (b) it probably shouldn’t be installed with Spackle and no wall ties (see below). Despite the extreme value engineering1, this is probably a change for the better from an aesthetic point of view.

And to complete the circle of life that is the North Brooklyn condo jungle, the project is going rental (due to open this summer!).

* OK, it’s not really value engineering if you buy it twice.
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Left: How to tile a bathroom (warning, not suitable for exterior applications).
Photo: Curbed