Tenants Bust Back Into Williamsburg Building After Legal Win

Turns out the legal saga at 172 North 8th Street is not over (and the NY1 report I linked to yesterday didn’t tell the whole story).

The tenants have been thrown out of their homes again, and again by DOB. DOB apparently discovered new damage to the foundation, after having lifted the vacate order issued a year ago.

As for the tenants, they weren’t let back into the building when the vacate order was lifted, they had to force their way back in. And they were prepared to live there without water, electric or gas.

UPDATE: Aaron Short has more on this:

City officials vacated tenants from the four-story N. Eighth Street house once again on Tuesday night after discovering that the corner of the basement had been destabilized and the building was close to collapsing… City contractors worked well into the night to temporarily add several 10-foot-long wooden beams to support the shaky wall, stabilizing the foundation.

A complete nightmare.