New Report Shows That City is Sweet on Domino

Aaron Short reports on DCP’s sign off of Domino’s Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS). There’s some interesting stuff in the FEIS, which I’ll try to get to in a later post. But it should be noted that the FEIS was prepared by Domino, not the City. DCP needs to sign off that the report addresses all of the environmental impacts, but it is still a report prepared by the developer. (And, yes, I assume that the DCP will use this to recommend some minor changes, but that doesn’t change the authorship of the FEIS.)

That said, after both Marty Markowitz and CB1 objected to the massive overbuilding on the upland parking lot site, why didn’t DCP require an alternative analysis there? Domino analyzed a lower-height option for the portion of the site next to Grand Ferry Park (which only served to prove that Pythagoras knew what he was talking about), but there was nothing on the most out-of-context aspects of the proposal. Kind of arbitrary, no?