Ferry Expansion Coming Next Spring

It has been discussed for ages, but it looks as though the City is really moving ahead with its plans to expand the East River ferry service to all of North Brooklyn. In addition to the action at India and Java Streets that I discussed yesterday, the Post has some vague details about a new RFP for a “Williamsburg ferry landing” (distinct from possible future landings at “Northside and Greenpoint”). The City has two requests out – one (due tomorrow) is for the North Williamsburg Ferry Landing; the other an invitation to bid (which is what I think the Post is talking about) for the “Passenger Ferry Landing at Williamsburg Project”. I’m assuming the North Williamsburg Ferry Landing is at the Edge – the RFP describes it as connecting to an existing pier. But where the Ferry Landing at Williamsburg is to be located is a mystery to me.

Still, by this time next year, there should be ferry landings at Schaefer Landing, the Edge, India Street and possibly one other mystery location. That means more riders, which is good news for the viability of the East River ferry service. But until fares come down and there is a free transfer between ferry service and the buses and subways, this will not have anything more than the slightest impact on L train ridership.

2 responses to “Ferry Expansion Coming Next Spring”

  1. Hey, always enjoy your articles…
    For the daily east/west commuter, you’re right, it won’t have the least impact on the L Train ridership, but not just because of a lack of transfer.
    This is a north/south route, so the only thing it will be alleviating is ‘coastal’ G Train ridership…
    But, I think it’s a great move in the right direction for transportation alternatives connecting north and south Brooklyn. To get from Greenpoint to DUMBO on public transportation is a headache inducing thought… Red Hook or Coney? I’m driving.
    Let’s just hope they have a viable long term plan in place for making this a meaningful alternative.

  2. For people in Greenpoint who work in Lower Manhattan, DUMBO or midtown (NYU/Bellvue mainly), this could be a replacement for the G. And it will draw the same crowd of Williamsburgers from the L. But it only makes sense if you live within walking distance of both ends of the ferry – even then, it’s more than twice the cost of a subway ride.