Ark Restaurant Coming to the Edge

According the Wall Street Journal (but behind a pay wall), Manhattan-based Ark Restaurants is going to be opening a new eatery at the Edge’s waterfront-side retail space. Ark operates 9 establishments across the river, including Bryant Park Grill. The 7,000 sf restaurant would be the first to open on the waterfront (two restaurants are already under construction along Kent Avenue, one at Northside Piers and the other at 110 Kent Avenue).

The new restaurant would open in late 2011 at the earliest, and would overlook the public waterfront esplanade – which might even be open to the public by then.

UPDATE: Here is a link to the full article behind the pay wall (thanks @withers).

UPDATE #2:Oy. The link above won’t get you past the pay wall. Google “williamsburg by water wsj” and follow the first result to see the article. (Again, thanks @withers)