Yet Another Khim’s Millennium Market Coming to Bedford Avenue

Via the Brooklyn Paper, word that yet another Bedford Avenue storefront will become a Khim’s Millennium Market. With another outlet set to open on Bedford and South 2nd, that brings the number of Khim’s on Bedford to three, with the entire Khim’s empire at six (they also have outposts on Bushwick, Graham and Driggs Avenues).

I’m sure this chain of overpriced organic groceries is somehow “better” than Duane Reade, but I’m at a loss to see how. Someday a real grocery store is going to come and run these places out of business. But until then, I now have three places to go to buy $15 vials of organic maple syrup.

(And I thought for sure this one was going to be the Apple Store.)

One response to “Yet Another Khim’s Millennium Market Coming to Bedford Avenue”

  1. When, oh when, will some gyms put Maxim out of business?