Retail Rumor: Apple Still Not Coming to Williamsburg

Speaking of rumors that just won’t die, the Brooklyn Paper tells us that there is still no Apple store in Williamsburg (and Francisco Franco is still dead).

For the record, that means that there is no Apple store at the Edge (but the developer swears that Apple was “interested”), and there is no Apple store at the Salvation Army, just as there wasn’t two years ago. There also won’t be an Apple store at the Williamsburgh Savings Bank (either one, for that matter). For some reason, Apple seems uninterested in isolated neighborhoods that could cannibalize business from their existing 14th Street store.

The source of this month’s Williamsburg/Apple rumor? The Salvation Army has hired a good architect to redevelop their property at the corner of Bedford and North 7th. The Salvation Army didn’t hire Apple’s talented architect, just a talented architect (one that has worked with the Salvation Army before – there’s a breadcrumb no one bothered to follow).

Besides, I hear Apple is looking at the former Deli Mart space on the opposite corner. It’s true – I read it online.