Quit Your Whining and Start Shoveling

Fucked in Park Slope is not impressed with the fortitude of Park Slopers when it comes to the resumption of alternate-side parking. It seems to be a citywide phenomenon, though – car owners everywhere are appalled that after 17 days they should dig their vehicles out and let the city sweep and plow to the curb. Worse yet, there seems to this collective sense that this is all Bloomberg’s fault – as if the Department of Sanitation should be digging out your car.

Get over it.

it’s not just car owners, either:

And, while I’m getting ranty, SHOVEL YOUR DOG SHIT too! Why does the snow make you think you’ve got a free pass to smearing fucking fecal matter all over the sidewalks????

To which I would add: sidewalk clean up in general. As the grey glaciers finally start to recede, they are exposing piles of litter which property owners and residents alike seem to feel they are exempt from picking up. Your city is a mess, and it’s not all (all) “the City’s” fault.

Stop whining and pick up.

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