400 McGuinness – Back to a Shelter

So that rumor going around about a Federal prisons halfway house at 400 McGuinness Boulevard?


Turns out, it is back to being a (potential) homeless shelter. The Bowery Residents Committee, a Manhattan-based housing and homeless services group, is proposing to put a 200-bed shelter into 400 McGuinness. BRC does not provide any details as to what type of shelter (citywide, serving specific local needs, etc.), so right now that is all we have to go on.

This is, on its face, very similar to the Help USA proposal that generated so much community opposition earlier this year. Hopefully BRC will learn from that experience and bring in a proposal that addresses some of Greenpoint’s very real homeless issues. And hopefully Greenpoint residents will recognize that those isses really do exist and need to be addressed.

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