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The Northside Gets a Supermarket

Food Town

The Northside is getting its first supermarket.

OK, technically, the Northside has a supermarket in Tops on the Waterfront. But as endearing (and enduring) as Tops is, there’s nothing “super” about it, even grading on the curve that is NYC supermarkets.

Maybe “Williamsburg Food Town” won’t be a proper supermarket either. It might be a supersized Khim’s Millenium Market (open this week at two new locations on Bedford Avenue!!) – a well stocked, overpriced bodega. It might be another Tops – a poorly stocked, reasonably priced not-so-super market. It may or may not sell condos (Williamsburg has a Food Town across the street from a Duane Reade – I’m moving there!). And it may soon be eclipsed by an actual supermarket (Whole Foods(!), Trader Joes(!), Shop Rite(!), or dare we dream – Fairway(!!!)) somewhere on the waterfront1.

But right now, Williamsburg Food Town has the inside track for being the first supermarket on the Northside. And if it is, it is way overdue.

1. For the record, I have absolutely no information in this regard. Seriously, nothing.