The Northside Gets a Supermarket

Food Town

The Northside is getting its first supermarket.

OK, technically, the Northside has a supermarket in Tops on the Waterfront. But as endearing (and enduring) as Tops is, there’s nothing “super” about it, even grading on the curve that is NYC supermarkets.

Maybe “Williamsburg Food Town” won’t be a proper supermarket either. It might be a supersized Khim’s Millenium Market (open this week at two new locations on Bedford Avenue!!) – a well stocked, overpriced bodega. It might be another Tops – a poorly stocked, reasonably priced not-so-super market. It may or may not sell condos (Williamsburg has a Food Town across the street from a Duane Reade – I’m moving there!). And it may soon be eclipsed by an actual supermarket (Whole Foods(!), Trader Joes(!), Shop Rite(!), or dare we dream – Fairway(!!!)) somewhere on the waterfront1.

But right now, Williamsburg Food Town has the inside track for being the first supermarket on the Northside. And if it is, it is way overdue.

1. For the record, I have absolutely no information in this regard. Seriously, nothing.

6 responses to “The Northside Gets a Supermarket”

  1. there’s an actual whole foods coming to the southside, close by the bridge. could be open as early as fall. It’s apparently part of that domino sugar bs. happy about a real supermarket, but not about the overpricing that will definitely happen! bitter/sweet

  2. insidescoop, I dare to take the bait, but do you have any legit sources for your, um, insidescoop on the WF thing?

  3. Color me skeptical too.

    If it’s the Domino site, it is not happening this year. They have yet to break ground on their upland site (where the supermarket is slated to go) and construction there will take at least 18 to 24 months. And the developer there promised an affordable grocery option for the community.

    The L&M site at Broadway & Kent is a potential candidate – large ground floor commercial floor plate, construction under way (though surely not getting done this year). I haven’t seen any info about what is going there, though.

  4. Is this the movie theater or is that across the street?

    1. No – the potential theater is on Driggs and Grand. But that has not broken ground yet.

  5. Went shopping at this new Foodtown on N. 1st, and, I didn’t expect much going in, but I came out pleased as punch.

    I normally drive from Greenpoint once or twice a week to the Whole Foods on Houston St, so I was shocked when this new market had everything I wanted, and a lot of very good prices.

    The aisles are wide, the produce selection is great, they have fresh fish, sushi, a butcher.

    All in all, a great new and needed addition to the hood.