PS 84 Revisited

I am way behind on a lot of things, but high on the list is linking to this excellent Capital NY piece on the past and future of P.S. 84. Written by Greg Hanlon (an article Matt Chaban called the “first good article [he’s] read about gentrification in a while“. It covers old ground – the academic problems at 84, chronic under enrollment and the ethnic divisions behind past efforts at improvement. But it looks at these old issues anew and smartly delves into what the future might hold.

In a recent tour of the school, we were very impressed with the improvements that had been made under the newest principal. The change in attitude from our last tour two or three years ago was immediately apparent. So hopefully the school is turning the corner. P.S. 84 has probably the best physical plant of any elementary school in the neighborhood – the community deserves to have a quality school there.