Mable’s Smokehouse


Mmmm, brisket
Photo: Village Voice

An Oklahoma-style barbecue restaurant has opened at 44 Berry (the old NY Quinine Co. building). Bob Sietsema is impressed:

If someone had told me five years ago that Williamsburg would become the city’s foremost barbecue destination, I would have guffawed. After all, most of the BBQ joints in town then—which numbered about a dozen—were located in Manhattan, whining that they couldn’t do the job properly because of city regulations against airborne emissions. The “smoke scrubbers” required to meet environmental guidelines were prohibitively expensive, the owners maintained. Turns out they were full of crap, saving themselves money by brushing baked meats with cloying sauces and calling it ‘cue, figuring nobody in New York could tell the difference. They were wrong.

(He was so impressed that he also posted pictures.)