Domain Name For Sale

In case you haven’t heard, the postal service is splitting off half of the 11211 zip code into a new zip code (11249 – doesn’t exactly roll trippingly off the tongue). This is happening because there are so many new dwelling units west of the BQE that the post office can’t keep to its delivery schedules.

In a sign that the Postal Service is still operating in the (early) 20th century, there isn’t any information about this zip code change on their website – just a letter that appeared in everyone’s mailboxes yesterday. And apparently this doesn’t mean that “West Williamsburg” will get a new post office, just a new zip code. So we can expect the same substandard service with a far less snappy zip code.

So, I guess after 12 years, maybe it’s time to retire (or broker a trade with this guy). No reasonable offer refused.

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  1. Tish and Guido are gonna plotz.