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Louver House

The Louver House

268 Wythe Avenue (aka 91 – 93 Metropolitan Avenue) has relaunched as the Louver House (it had been called the Louver Condominium). The new name is an intentional (I assume) play on the name of one of the iconic works of 20th-Century architecture. The project has languished on the market – either for financial reasons or otherwise.

I still think this is one of the nicer-looking developments in the Northside, though the wood slats and other details don’t look as though they will wear well. And if the Times is correct about the dearth of good condominium product on the market, it may sell this time around. (Certainly from an anecdotal point of view there are a) fewer and fewer stalled sites and b) more and more condos turning rental in the core Williamsburg area.)