Williamsburg’s Rife With New Buildings Again

In case you haven’t noticed, development is booming (again) in Williamsburg. The Post has the details on over 1,300 new units that will (supposedly) hit the market by the end of 2014 (most of them rentals, but condos seem poised for a rise from the ashes too). As Brownstoner points out, it’s pretty clear the Post hasn’t even scratched the surface – anecdotally, it seems as though the majority of the formerly-stalled sites in the area are back in action, and there are a lot of development sites that the article misses. To Brownstoner’s list (11 Broadway and 65 Hope), I’d add South 6th and Wythe (pouring foundations), North 6th & Wythe (almost topped out), South 1st near Kent (back in action), Grand & Driggs (closed in) and about a dozen small sites between Broadway and McCarren that are actively under construction.

As the Post says, “Think the L train is crowded now? Brace yourself.”. Indeed.