From Alaska, Great Concern for Central Park

Legislators in Alaska are trying to make a point:

In the interest of preserving an already-compromised sliver of urban wilderness, state legislators are asking the federal government to take over Central Park.

State legislators in Alaska, that is…

It urges the feds to “declare Central Park to be a wilderness area and to prohibit any further improvement or development of Central Park unless authorized by an act of Congress.”

Since most “East Coast elites”, particularly the deep-pocketed ones who live on Central Park, would probably support development restrictions in the park, that point is probably going to be lost on a lot of us.1

1 Wikipedia must have been down that day, but Alaska legislators might be interested to know that Central Park is a completely man-made construct that is already a locally-designated Scenic Landmark, as well as a National Historic Landmark. No, Congress doesn’t control development in Central Park, but the park is unlikely to see any development until well after every drop of oil is sucked out of ANWR.