Police Finally Reveal Embarrassing File in Cycling Death

This is so awful (and so pathetic):

Forced by a looming Freedom of Information Law deadline, on Friday the New York Police Department finally told the mother of Mathieu Lefevre what it knows about the cycling death of her son last fall.

The documents released directly contradict the initial version of events put out by police, and suggest an investigation so sloppy that the likelihood of getting justice for Lefevre’s death is scant.

Contrary to initial reports (by the police), the truck that killed Lefevre failed to signal the turn that took the cyclist’s life, and then dragged the bike itself for a couple hundred feet. Shattering the CSI myth, NYPD investigators couldn’t even take photos of the crime scene – they couldn’t get the camera to work. Crime scene evidence, including blood on the bumper of the truck, was lost, pretty much ensuring that the driver can’t be prosecuted (or, for that matter, exonerated). The video that shows all this wasn’t found until two months after the accident, and then only after the family of the victim pressured the police to do a complete investigation.