Williamsburg Residents Fight Bar

A club owner whose Lower East Side hotspot features an ice cage for chugging vodka and promises of free shots if you get naked is trying to bring the party to Williamsburg – but neighbors are battling his plans… Neighbors say they’re used to bars in the neighborhood, but are spooked because of how over the top his other joint is.

Over the top doesn’t begin to describe Mehanata. And from what I hear, SLA agrees – sources there say that the Lower East Side venue has multiple liquor license violations against it.

The plan for Williamsburg Manor is for a restaurant and “radio studios”, and the owner promises that his Brooklyn outpost will be much classier than his Manhattan shit show (but fret not Williamsburg, the plans presented to CB1 included an “Ice Cage”). Not surprisingly, he made very similar promises to the community board in Manhattan:

According to a letter from Community Board 3 in Manhattan, [the owner] originally claimed Mehanata would be a restaurant with daytime workshops and studio space, but hasn’t served food since 2007.

Too bad – the food looks so appetizing.