My one political plug – I have three local candidates that I have been supporting all year with my time and my money: Dan Squadron, Antonio Reynoso and Steve Levin. All three have worked very hard for our community for years, and all three have earned our votes.

Dan Squadron is running for Public Advocate. He had been out State Senator for four years, and has been a fierce advocate for parks and open space. Daniel led the fight to stop the Bloomberg administration’s policy of charging rent to homeless families living in shelters, has sponsored legislation for transgender civil rights, and has even managed to wring improvements to service on the G and L trains out of the MTA.

Antonio Reynoso is running to succeed Diana Reyna in the 34th Council district (Williamsburg, Southside, East Williamsburg and Bushwick). I’ve worked alongside Antonio and Diana for years, and I know that he will be a strong and effective leader for his district. This is a hugely important and very tight race – Antonio is running against Vito Lopez, who was forced to resign from the state Assembly after being caught harassing and molesting female staffers in his office. Personally, I think you should vote for Antonio because he is the better person for the 34th, but whether it is for Antonio or against Vito, vote for Antonio.

In my district – the 33rd – I am voting for Steve Levin, and you should too. Steve has been an extremely effective and engaged council person. Steve represents a diverse district, but as a resident of Greenpoint, he knows the issue that are important to this end of his district better than any incumbent that I remember. I did not support Steve four years ago, but after working with him closely for the past four years, he has earned my respect and my support.