Public-Private Brooklyn Waterfront Project Is Starting To Bloom

WSJ [subscription required] looks at the Williamsburg and Greenpoint waterfront esplanade, a feature of the 2005 rezoning that provides public access to the waterfront. So far, the Williamsburg portion – all four blocks of it – is complete, and the first one-block section in Greenpoint is set to come online in the coming months with the completion of the Greenpoint condominium between India and Huron Streets.

The Greenpoint section of the esplanade – eventually a mile of riverfront access – will be in fits and starts as development comes online over the next decade (or two?). And some day, this will all connect into the various parks along the waterfront, including Bushwick Inlet Park, Transmitter Park and East River State Park (the privately-owned Monitor Museum also fits into this). But there are holes too – the esplanade currently ends at North 3rd Street (184 Kent), picks up again at Grand Ferry Park and (soon) connects to Domino Park, and then breaks again until Kedem Winery, Shaefer Landing and (someday, perhaps) Certified Lumber.

The two big holes preventing a continuous waterfront experience from Wallabout Creek to Newtown Creek? The city-owned Williamsburg Bridge Park site at Broadway, and Con Ed’s North 3rd Street property.