City Moves Ahead on Two Williamsburg Park Projects

The City has started construction on 50 Kent, part of the Bushwick Inlet Park puzzle, as well as on the second phase of work at La Guardia Playground, located on South 4th Street next to the BQE on ramp.

When completed a year from now, 50 Kent will be the first new parkland created at Bushwick Inlet Park in almost a decade. The $7 million in funding for this 2-acre piece of the park was allocated in 2017, along with funding for the Motiva site at BIP.

Together, these two parcels will add about 3 acres to the existing 6 acres. The big question, though, is when the remaining 2/3 of the park will be finished. To date, no money has been allocated for demolition of the CitiStorage building, nor for remediation and construction on the remaining 16 acres.