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A Skirmish in the War Brunch

War on Street Life

Community Board #1’s “war on brunch” has now officially became news last week, having been picked up by both WNYC and the New York Times. Credit for originating the story belongs to Aaron Short at the Brooklyn Paper. Too bad they let a catchy headline distract them from the real story (and no, it’s not […]

There Is No “War on Brunch” In Williamsburg‘war-on-brunch’-in-williamsburg/?stream=true

Even the Clergy Opposes Brunch Bans

Ann Kansfield, Pastor of the Greenpoint Reformed Church, weighs in on the Sunday morning sidewalk cafe ban: The notion that sidewalk dining in some way restricts, inhibits or in any other way interferes with church attendance is utter hogwash. Consequently, I respectfully request that you not cite religious observance, specifically church attendance, as an argument […]

Winning the Battle, Losing the War

War on Brunch: First Blood