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Ferry Operator Wants to Accept Metrocards

The East River Ferry wants to accept Metrocards. Other non-MTA services already accept Metrocards, so the idea is not that far fetched. But the real innovation would be for the ferry to accept Metrocard transfers – i.e., eliminating the two-fare structure that most commuters using the ferry face (by the way, it’s nice to see Second Avenue Sagas having a change of heart about the ferry). As it stands now, if you want to go from the ferry to an MTA bus or subway, a one-way trip will cost you as much as $6.50. Institute free Metrocard transfers, and the price drops to $4 (the cost of the ferry ride).

But MTA chief Joe Lhota says that’s not going to happen.

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  1. UESider wrote:

    if the ferry company truly loses money on every rider, then, logically, they should want lower ridership to be able to lose less money and/or shut down (these are businesses, not charities, right?)

    otherwise, as a business, they should be seeking to make deals to improve ridership or modify services and move to profitability.

    unless the operator is a philathropist, there must be another incentive for them to be running a business that loses millions a year with no projections for profitability in the future.

    everyone must be getting paid here or we’re not seeing the whole picture

    Saturday, April 28, 2012 at 07:55 | Permalink

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