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26 July 2013

Quadriad Townhouses [✜]

The row houses at the former Quadriad site - the longest running development saga in neighborhood history - are finally, finally finished and ready to go market. If you count the time spent trying to turn this project into a 23-story building, these row houses have been at least seven years in the making.

The row houses themselves - designed by RKT&B and Stan Allen - are very nice, particularly the way they are set back from the street to create a sort of public/private area of front yards. But $2.4 million a pop, for a house that is less than 15' wide?

5 December 2012

SL Green Comes to Williamsburg [✜]

The behemoth Manhattan office landlord is buying the still-not-quite-completed, longest-lived-construction-project on the Northside. I guess this closes the book on the Quadriad saga.

50 Best Blocks in Brooklyn

The L Magazine has published its annual list of the best blocks in Brooklyn – an eclectic and fun 29-page clickfest through the entire borough. Some annotated local highlights: 11. Best Example of Gentrified Ugliness: North 3rd between Berry and Bedford. Quadriad’s development on the south side street (fully rented out on the retail side, [...]

26 September 2011

Economic Downturn Breeds Stalled Construction Sites [✜]

After commenting earlier today that the number of stalled sites seemed to be dropping quickly, this article appeared in Google alerts:

Williamsburg and Greenpoint saw a pre-recession development boom. Since 2009, approximately half of the city's stalled sites have been located in these neighborhoods. Currently, 92 sites are inactive in the area, compared to 129 in all of Manhattan.

I've always been skeptical of the City's official count of stalled sites, both in terms of undercounting and overcounting (which means the gross number might be roughly accurate, but the actual site list probably isn't). It would be interesting to map actual vs. perceived stalled sites and see where the discrepancies lie. Certainly there are still some big ones, like the Domsey site illustrated in the Epoch Times article, the North 4th and Bedford hulk, and the South 4th sites on and near Bedford, but often they have very atypical back stories (epic bankruptcies, construction accidents, lawsuits and the like). But a number of prominent stalled sites are back in construction or nearly so, including 111 Kent, the North 6th and Wythe site (steel is going up) and North 1st and Kent steel skeleton.

Quadraid Fills In

Quadriad’s North 3rd Street infill Another data point for the continued growth of construction in Williamsburg – Quadriad has (rather quickly) moved forward on the infill portion of its North 3rd Street development. The Bedford Avenue piece finished some time ago, and the Berry section is about to come online. Now the in-between bit is [...]

Marshall’s and CVS on Bedford Avenue?

242 Bedford Avenue Photo: The Real Deal The Real Deal has an article saying that discount clothing retailer Marshall’s and drugstore may be coming to Bedford Avenue. The location in question is 242 Bedford Avenue, the rusted hulk at the corner of Bedford and North 4th. According to the Real Deal, the owners of the [...]

Happy Rezoning Day

For those of you that forgot to mark you calendars, tomorrow is Rezoning Day. That’s right, it is five years since the City Council approved the Greenpoint-Williamsburg Waterfront Rezoning. On May 11, 2005, the City Council and the Mayor’s office finalized a package of promises that paved the way for the enactment of the rezoning. Since it’s [...]

18 December 2009

DuaneReade Coming to Bedford Avenue [✜]

DuaneReade is its bringing new, non-insta-blight, retail look to Bedford Avenue. To the Quadriad building to be specific. Like right across the street from King's Pharmacy.

Happy Rezoning Day

Photo: animalvegetable on flickr May 11 marks the fourth anniversary of the Greenpoint-Williamsburg Waterfront Rezoning. A lot has happened in four years. Economies have crumbled. Regimes have fallen. The American automobile is more endangered than the American eagle. Here in North Brooklyn, the last four years have brought construction – a hell of a lot [...]

Quadriad Blossoms

A few months ago, Brownstoner had a post wondering about the status of the Quadriad site on Bedford and North 3rd. Things were looking awfully quiet at the time, but shortly thereafter, work picked up. And they certainly have made progress since then – this morning, for the first time, the concrete and rebar could [...]