Walk This Way

496489476_5f735cff46.jpgPhoto: teal185

We can’t find a link for this, but we received an email the other day announcing that DOT is changing the traffic pattern for the footwalks on the Williamsburg Bridge:

The south footwalk of the Williamsburg Bridge, currently closed in order to facilitate ongoing rehabilitation, will reopen at 7:00 am on Monday August 20, 2007. Simultaneously, the north footwalk will be closed to bicycle and pedestrian traffic. The north footwalk will reopen for weekends only, from Fridays at 3:30 pm to Mondays at 6:00am, beginning September 14, 2007.

What they don’t say is if the only access to the footwalks will be from Bedford Avenue, or if the Valley Forge entry will remain. Guess we’ll find out soon enough. And no word on when BOTH footwalks will be open.