Some Changes

Things look different here (hopefully for the better), but most of the content and workings are the same. The goal of the redesign was to simplify the design and focus on the content as exclusively as possible. The only real difference in terms of usage is that the linked entries now have the permalink icon at the front of the entry instead of at the end (its the little fisheye icon before the entry header/outgoing link).

Hope you like the new design.

UPDATE: The redesign is intended to be clean and simple. If things don’t look clean and simple, try reloading this page. If things still dont’t look clean and simple, chances are your browser is not clean and simple (i.e., standards compliant). I am working on workarounds for such browsers (ahem, Explorer), but if you really want to enjoy this site and the web in general, get a standards-compliant browser such as Firefox.