Engine 212 ≠ Luxury Condos

Engine 212


This piece of news slipped quietly under the radar. According to the Brooklyn Eagle, NYC’s Economic Development Corporation has awarded the former Engine 212 site to the People’s Firehouse and NAG. The groups will invest an “estimated $1.3 million in the redevelopment of the Wythe Avenue site into the Northside Town Hall Community Center and Cultural Center to provide a permanent home for both organizations”.

PFI and NAG were always the leading contenders to take over 212 (ironic, in that they both fought the closing of the firehouse so fiercely). Still, its great news that this neighborhood institution will continue to serve the neighborhood, and that two worthy local non-profits will soon have new homes. Thanks to all the pols who made it happen.

One response to “Engine 212 ≠ Luxury Condos”

  1. Post 9-11 shutting firehouses is unimaginable and with the mayor also pushing this tsunami of way too rapid development that in theory is going to bring more residents to 11211 and up in Harlem where he shuttered an important firehouse at 125th Street — it just doesn’t make sense and all along community activists have been shouting “safety first”.
    You would think all these firehouse would be open and more would be added because of the increased development.