This Week’s Courier

Among the other good articles you’ll miss if you look for the February 6th Courier online are these:

Owners: Stores Still Suffering – Business Along Kent Avenue Has Not Improved Despite DOT’s Efforts

By: Greg Hanlon

This long, in-depth discussion with Kent Avenue business owners includes a great exchange with David Reina of David Reina Designs regarding the special side-street loading zone DOT especially for his business. Reina manufactures very large speciality hydraulic presses. DOT never asked Reina if a side-street loading zone would help his situation. And surprise, it turns out it doesn’t – wheeling 20′ sections of steel and large speciality machinery on a slow-moving forklift on fast-moving Kent Avenue doesn’t exactly strike Reina as safe. Plus, he doesn’t even own a street-legal forklift. The upshot is that DOT has eliminated three parking spaces on Grand Street to create a loading zone that will probably go unused.

New Start for Williamsburg Venue: Chez Bushwick to Receive $150,000 Cultural Fund
By: Aaron Short

The Rockefeller Foundation has given the East Williamsburg arts venue a $150,000 NYC Cultural Innovation Fund award.

Oh, and the Moore Street market has been saved and three more Greenpoint sites located over the Meeker plume have been given superfund status. But you can read about those online (on other papers).