7-11 Comes to Manhattan Avenue

Halpern-Perlow Store, 883 Manhattan Avenue
Photo: Forgotten New York

UPDATE: Turns out Miss Heather noted this back in February. So has the owner/7-11 been working for three-plus months without a permit and against a standing stop-work order? Its not clear what is happening behind the brown wrapping, but that would be the Greenpoint way.

Via Greenpointers, word that 7-11 is coming to Manhattan Avenue. Since its across the street from a Dunkin’ Donuts, I assume it will fit right in.

Or will it? The proposed 7-11 is located in the Greenpoint Historic District. Below is a view from Forgotten NY showing how the building looked IN 2004. Halpern-Perlow left years before that, but the enamel metal panels of their storefront were still intact. The building itself is a small taxpayer building of no character, but the storefront has (or had) some character to it. It may be me, but I find the mid-century storefronts that run up and down Manhattan Avenue very charming. They usually have recessed show windows that invite you off the crowded sidewalk to window shop. And like Halpern-Perlow, they often include materials and details from another era.

7-11 is likely to bring nothing in the way of charming or pedestrian friendly to this spot. And looking at DOB, they are likely to bring nothing legal here either – the property has had a stop work order in effect since 1998 (for a Landmarks violation). And even though their building permit application is marked disapproved, it would seem from this flickr photo by Natalia F. that work is ongoing. Since the photo was taken in March, and they didn’t even file for a DOB permit until April 30, I guess they’ll fit into North Brooklyn just fine.

Halpern-Perlow Store, 883 Manhattan Avenue
Photo: Natalia F. on flickr