Broadway Triangle Community Coalition Plan

The Broadway Triangle Community Coalition has taken the PowerPoint for its Pratt plan (which I linked to before) and set it to music.

I still think the plan itself (and the one or two plans BTCC had before that) suffers from a fatal flaw – its just too damn big. I know in the end they backed away from specific numbers, but if you run the numbers implied in their presentations, BTCC is looking to go significantly higher (double or more) than the density of the neighboring public housing projects. They would exceed the density of the waterfront sites in the 2005 zoning by a fair margin. For all the “comprehensive planning” embodied in this plan, there is no practical accounting for how the neighborhood infrastructure will handle this number of people. Nor is there any accounting for how all this new housing – most of it affordable, yes – will impact displacement outside the Triangle.

Tall buildings are fine, but massively oversized buildings that further strain an already overtaxed infrastructure are not.

What a lot of people forget is that this is a land-use review process. For all its flaws on the process side (and it was a very flawed process), the City’s plan – as land-use policy – is basically good (it could be better, and CB1 made recommendations to make it so). In fact, the zoning – what CB1 voted to approve – is at the high end of the density the Board has been willing to support in recent actions. But it is within reason, and it includes a minimum of 34% affordable housing (49% if you believe the City’s numbers, but those rely on developer-incentivized affordable housing, which is iffy, at best).

Meanwhile, I still say the courts (or the city council) are the proper place to address the process (and apportionment) questions.

UPDATE: I almost forgot – there is a hearing at the Borough President’s office on the Broadway Triangle rezoning tomorrow evening. Details here.