NAG Candidates Forum Recap

Aaron Short has an insightful post recapping last week’s candidate forum for the 33rd Council District (and handicapping the state of the race today).

Aaron also helpfully links to all the other press coverage on the debate. I wasn’t there, but reading those press accounts (including Aaron’s in the Courier), one would think that Doug Biviano went stark raving bonkers. Reading between the lines, it sounds more like an outsider candidate from the Kucinich wing of the Democratic party called out three of his competitors for being too much on the inside of local party politics. Since one of those competitors is a local Democratic district leader, another is a former chief of staff to the incumbent council member and the third is the former (?) chief of staff to the incumbent Democratic county leader, it’s pretty clear that Biviano was playing the cards he was dealt – he would have looked pretty stupid trying to pass himself off as the consummate insider.

And seriously – why are there no debates in the 34th Council race?

One response to “NAG Candidates Forum Recap”

  1. I was at the forum, and I have to say that Biviano really did come off as slightly crazy. I mean, it’s one thing to be positioning yourself as an outsider or a reform candidate, but he seemed to be positioning himself as the angry ranting shouty candidate.