Daily News Endorses Thies, Reyna

The Daily News is out with its endorsements for significant City Council races. Locally, they are endorsing Evan Thies in the 33rd and Diana Reyna in the 34th. Here’s what they have to say.

[Thies] has distinguished himself in fights for affordable housing and public space.


[Reyna] has secured millions for new community and youth centers.

Reyna in particular is racking up the endorsements – she now has the Times, the News, El Diario, and the Brooklyn Courier. Thies adds the News to his earlier endorsements from the Brooklyn Paper and the Brooklyn Star.

In the 39th, the News like Brad Lander. Like the Times, the News is not making an endorsement in the 35th (Tish James’ seat). I’m sure some will see conspiracy there, but maybe it’s just not seen as a competitive race

One response to “Daily News Endorses Thies, Reyna”

  1. The Daily News also thinks Evan Thies is Councilman Yassky’s chief of staff. Nuff said as to their diligent research of the candidates.