Open Space Mitigation

Photo: Bachner for the Daily News

One of the biggest adverse impacts of the Domino rezoning is the impact on community-wide open space. As I’ve said before, despite a huge allocation of open space in the project (well above the minimum required by zoning), the project actually reduces the per capita open space rather significantly. In a community that ranks near the bottom in city-wide open space rankings, that is simply not acceptable. Also not acceptable are the significant shadow impacts on Grand Ferry Park – Domino will put the park into shadow for an additional 4 to 6 hours per day, year round.

In talking about mitigation, I’ve mainly discussed reducing the density of the project – attacking the denominator. But what if you could something about the numerator? Say, for the sake of argument that there was a large city-owned site directly adjacent to the Domino site. Two-blocks worth, right on the river. One that includes buildings that could be converted for recreational uses and open space that could be readily converted into a waterfront esplanade.

Something like this, perhaps?

3 responses to “Open Space Mitigation”

  1. Frustrating to read that article – has there been any kicking of the tires on this since? Separately do you have any updates on what’s going on at Bushwick Inlet? Great post as always!

  2. Great post. I also wonder what has been happening for almost three years at the little open stretch that used to be accessible down the street from Rock Star Bar on Kent – you had it all there, the bridge, the water – now it’s blocked off without any indication of opening back up.

  3. B – there has been no movement on it. I had completely forgotten about the effort until I was looking at a map last week in an effort to understand Domino’s open space proposal. I think CM Levin’s staff is ready to pick up the baton, so perhaps it has some life yet.
    On Bushwick Inlet, it may not be news, but the latest I hear is that the soccer fields are on schedule to open.
    Jason – the foot of South 6th Street should be included in this park. DEP was doing a huge CSO storm drain project on that piece of property, which should be wrapping up soon. Everything is covered over last I looked. My understanding is that Domino was asked about included that little street end in their open space, but refused.