Williamsburg’s ‘First Wave’ Restaurants

Inspired by the closing of Relish, Eater looks at eight neighborhood restaurants that are no longer. I’m not sure that I would include Coney’s among the first-wave Williamsburg restaurants, and Bonita only counts if you’re looking at Southside pioneers (2002 is way too late for “first wave”, no?). Still, some great old neighborhood restaurants, including Oznot’s (ca. 1994? – a true first waver) and Brick Oven Gallery (which happily has been reincarnated at Kenny’s Trattoria down the block).

So long as we’re strolling down memory lane, why not go all the way? What about the L Cafe and Planet Thailand (the Bedford Avenue one, not the bloated pan-Asian disaster on Berry)? What are the other true “first wave” Williamsburg restaurants – it’s a short list, but I know I’m missing some.

(And for extra credit – what was the name of the restaurant that occupied Diner before Diner? It was started, ca. 1995?, by a female chef from Manhattan.)