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Bushwick BK is Back (I Hope)

Bushwick BK is reincarnating itself as Bushwick News, a non-profit website to report on news, events and history at the other end of the Eastern District. To make it all work, they are trying to raise money through a Kickstarter.

What they are trying to raise – $40,000 – is ambitious, but Bushwick BK was nothing if not ambitious.I had this to say when Bushwick BK shut down last fall:

This is a loss – BushwickBK managed to be a lot more than a neighborhood blog. It had some great reporting, strong editing and a ton of content. That’s tough to maintain…

Or, as they say, “it’s real journalism”. And it was.

I hope it will be again, too. So get on over to Kickstarter and make a pledge. If you have any doubt of their seriousness, just look at the list of supporters they have organized for the swag (I’ll be on the Dereszewski/Schwartz tour myself) – this is not a spur of the moment thing (and from what little I know of the folks over there, if they say it needs $40,000, it probably needs $40,000).

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