The Edge Gets a Supermarket

20120214-085459.jpgNew sign at the Edge, corner of North 5th & Kent.

Looks like there is finally a supermarket coming to Kent Avenue. But it’s not a Whole Foods (or sure doesn’t look like one), and it’s coming to the Edge, not Monster Island.

4 responses to “The Edge Gets a Supermarket”

  1. […] am hearing it will be a new ‘upscale’ brand launched by the Food Town owners.” As Brooklyn 11211 noted, it doesn’t seem like the store will be a Whole Foods even though the company has been […]

  2. […] Street Journal has details on the new retail that is coming to the Edge. These include a name for the grocery store we learned about last month ("Brooklyn Harvest Market, which will focus on organic produce" – seriously, who doesn't focus on […]

  3. Are they going to be application for jobs Available..?

  4. I don’t know Lulu – the supermarket is under construction, I’d suggest you stop by to see if anything is posted.