As Brooklyn Gentrifies, Some Neighborhoods are Left Behind

In its continues discovery of this place called Brooklyn, the Times learns that this is a big, diverse borough that (contra Brian Williams) does not have artisinal cheese on every street.

“Here, everything remains the same,” [said Theresa Scavo, chairwoman of CB15 in southern Brooklyn]. “They don’t want Trader Joe’s. They don’t want sidewalks crowded with cafes. They want a residential, suburban lifestyle. We’re not looking for innovative ways to do things. I have a hard time setting up a DVR.”

Here’s another story angle for the Times – even among the “gentrified” neighborhoods of Brooklyn, there is tremendous diversity. Just as Brownsville and Sheepshead Bay are very different from Park Slope and DUMBO, so too are these neighborhoods of northern and western Brooklyn different from one another. And did you know that there are neighborhoods in Manhattan that are still – in the 21st century – not Business Class? Strange, but true.